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At VetPlus, we have always believed that the best source of advice on the health and wellbeing of any pet is your local veterinary practice. That is why at VetPlus, we are, and always will be committed to supporting independent veterinary practices.

In listening to pet owners, we recognised that there was a need to apply the high standards of VetPlus to the broader needs of companion animals and to develop a range of products focused at the end user. This has led us to create Vetschoice, a comprehensive range of the most popular pet care products.

Expertly made in the UK with passion and care.

Having our own in-house Research & Development facility is something that allows complete control of the development and manufacturing process from start to finish.

Our products are manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lytham, Lancashire and all our products pass through at least 16 different quality checks before they are released to our customers.

Our Commitment

From the very beginning, our focus has been on developing the best possible products for pets.

While many global companies are driven by the need to satisfy their shareholders and army of accountants, we are a family-owned business and are therefore not subjected to such pressures.

This allows us to concentrate all our efforts on making products that vets can recommend with confidence and you can trust.

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