Hairball remedy paste.

Lubix® paste is designed to help support a hairball free intestinal tract in cats.

Cats can be very selective in what they eat so we have formulated Lubix® to make it extra tasty for cats.

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A tasty paste that supports the passage of ingested hair through the gastrointestinal tract.


Lubix® contains lubricants to aid the passage of any fur through the gastrointestinal tract; Fibrillated Cellulose Fibres to help faecal hair excretion and reduce incidence of vomiting and retching; and flavourings to ensure that your cat will enjoy the Lubix® paste.

When to use

Lubix® can be given directly from the pump or applied to the paw for the cat to lick off.

Once a day for 3 days to clear a hairball and then once a week for long term support, in cats prone to hairballs.


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